「USTA::2011 Australian Open Blog」から:17歳少女の決意!

Twitter のつぶやきから発見した「2011 Australian Open Blog」で興味深い投稿記事を発見しました。当然ですが、英語ですので詳細を理解できているかが不明ですが、それでも参考になるはずですよね。その投稿記事は、「USTA::Pro Tennis – News::2011 Australian Open Blog: Lauren Davis」で、アメリカからの発信です。

Lauren Davis という17歳の少女です。日本で言えば、高校2年生!つまり我が娘と同じ年齢です。ブログには、そんな少女のコメントが明細されていますので、引用しておきましょう。

After I lost in the first round of the US Open juniors — I really wanted to win that tournament — I was down on myself, and I knew I had to keep persevering and get through the hard times, and I did, and I came out even tougher. I’ve been playing aggressive. I move really well, and, plus, I’m mentally tough. In the big moments, I’m good, for the most part.

This time last year, I wouldn’t have been able to compete with the top players at all. I was still living at home in Cleveland, and then I moved to the Evert Academy in Florida last January. It took me awhile to adjust to the different lifestyle. I was playing and doing fitness five hours a day and living in a dorm without my parents, and it was kind of hard. I missed my family and my home, but now I consider Evert my home, and I would never go back.

I’m taking classes online now instead of going to regular high school, and it’s easier because I can take my high school anywhere. When I lived in Cleveland, I was only playing an hour and a half a day, and I wasn’t doing any fitness. Evert is a lot more detailed with their work schedule, and I really like it.

I first started playing when I was nine and a half. I didn’t start to get good until I was 14, and I didn’t know I could play at a really high level until about a year and a half ago. I was playing tournaments and would come across someone who I thought was so much better than me, and I’d believe in myself and win. Then I knew I could compete with the big girls.


以前は、自宅から高校に通い、1時間30分の練習。そうした環境で出場した「US Open Junior」での1回戦敗退・・・本当に勝ちたい大会だったのに。そこで一大決心!自宅を離れ、フロリダにある「Evert Tennis Academy」に単身で行くことにして、高校は通信制に変更。一日5時間30分の練習とフィットネスを実践するようにした・・・


重要なことは、「9歳半の時からテニスを始めて、14際になっても上の大会で試合ができるとは思っていなかった・・・」少女が、17歳で「Australia Open 2011」本戦のワイルドカードを勝ち取ったこと!自分を信じ、勝てると信じ、自分の覚悟と共に、環境の変化を自ら実践した・・・重要なことだと思います。


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